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It's a must visit place.

Six eco-friendly environment conscious cottages with local architecture represents traditional & cultural heritage of Chakrata region of Jounsaar Baawar. Situated at Chakrata-Mussoorie road CHAANI is a exquisite hill destination for any nature lover. You can feel immense calmness & serene beauty of surrounding mountains, silence only hindered while flow of smooth fresh breeze, crisping sound of birds or beating drums and other instruments on various festival nearby villages. Ideal place to witness sunrise & sunset adding extra moments to rediscover yourself, and at night while walking on stoned-pathway all stars invites to have dialogue…to merge with and you will love it. Come and have experience of life time, encounter the mighty Himalayaas with diversified flora & fauna and take back some peaceful memories to cherish with our little added hospitality.

Who We Are


Traditionally CHAANI word represent a small construction outside village for storage of crops, feeding animals and stay at for a while.

Resort have six cottages attached English bath & toilet, one dining hall, kitchen, servant & store room.

Resort is totally eco-friendly and we follow all related norms.

We have large enough outdoor space to mingling with some picturesque views of surrounding sights for experience more with nature, landscape around Chaani gives very pleasant feel. Naturally grown flowers from lily family adding extra feature for tourists in early summer.

Stoned-pathway connects all cottages with each other from main entrance, each cottage managed such way that you can have quality time with peace, comfort & privacy of your own.

Traditional infrastructure from stone & wood(material picked up from various villages)with rough look of mud work on walls, we have some modern amenities in bedding and attached bath & toilet for making your stay comfortable.

CHAANI is a kind of village in itself. You feel very local, like connected back to your roots which we all are missing in our daily routine life.

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We Love to Serve with Passion

  • Outdoor: enough outdoor space for sightseeing adding extra experience to have your quality time.
  • Accomodation: Queen size bed in individual room with attach bath & toilet. (Additional bed will be include if requested with extra charge)
  • Bathroom: 24 hour running water stored by natural resources like rain water harvesting and other sources connected with all supply.
  • Lighting: whole resort runs on solar power energy.(internet connectivity available)
  • Kitchen: Enough variety in cuisine to satisfy your taste buds as we know ones first love is love for food. Food we serve totally organic, fresh & hygienic produced by locals. Guest’s satisfaction is our priority. We serve both veg & non-veg items as requested.
  • Cultural program & tours: If requested we arrange some cultural program and village tour or visit some religious places to witness the cultural heritage of the region with extra charges.
  • 24 hour room service.
  • Bone fire if requested with extra charges.
  • Doctor on call.


  • 1-Wastage of water & electricity is completely prohibited
  • 2-No plastic or other wastages thrown anywhere.
  • 3-No loud music or horn.
  • For better experience one must follow our suggestions.


Other places to visit

Unexploited & unpolluted Chakrata is a picturesque hill station with dense forest of pine, oak & rhododendron with green sloppy meadows at altitude of 2,276 meters situated in Dehradun district. Chakrata is a sub cantonment of Indian Army established by British Indian Army in 1866. Residence of Jounsaari tribe people of Chakrata region are very simple, welcoming, down to earth and always in festive mood. In true word they are real salt of the earth. With local language Hindi is commonly spoken language. Tones and Yamuna are main rivers.

Few Attractions

  • Tigar Fall
  • Kanaasar
  • Devban
  • Chirmirie sunset point
  • Mundali
  • Budher Cave
  • Ramtaal Garden


  • Chakrata from Jollygrant Airport (108 km.)
  • Chakrata from Dehradun (91 km.)
  • Chakrata from Mussoorie via Kemptyfall (77 km.)
  • Chaani from Mussoorie via Kemptyfall (58 km.)
  • Chaani from Kaalsi via Viratkhai (36 km.)
  • Chakrata from Delhi (320 km.)
  • Chakrata from Delhi via Paonta Shahib (330 km.)

Nearest petrol pump at Vikas Nagar but can be arranged in small quantity from locals.


Summer- march to June (temp 29’c max, 10’c min)

Winter- Sept to Nov (17’c max, -4’c min)


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